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Tranmere Medical Instruments
18 Washington Street, Suite 148, Canton, MA   02021  
Call: 774-218-4927

FDA, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and cGMP compliant
Your strategic partner for Medical & Industrial solutions
Tranmere Medical Instruments is the premier low cost full-service manufacturer and global distributor of 
precision fabricated stainless steel tubular parts. 
TMI uses the newest technology available to provide results that ensure our commitment to produce quality products. 
We supply 100% burr free cutting.
We are also a worldwide supplier of stock tubing. With an extensive selection of hypodermic, fractional and metric tubing of various alloys (see tubing chart page).
Industries served range from Medical and Dental, to Automotive and Aerospace.
We manufacture products with consistent quality and cost effective processes that ensure greater customer satisfaction.

Cutting diameters as small as 0.005" and lengths from 0.010" with tolerances as great as 0.0002" can be achieved with our array of equipment (see capabilities page).

At Tranmere Medical Instruments our efficiencies and low margins have enabled our customers to return from China based companies back to the USA.

If you think complex parts are too cost prohibitive to be manufactured in the USA, think again.

Whatever your requirements, Tranmere Medical Instruments has the expertise, service and quality to meet your needs. 

Need a competitive edge? With Tranmere Medical Instruments it comes burr free.
Tranmere Medical Instruments: 18 Washington Street, Suite 148, Canton, MA 02021 Call: 774-218-4927

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Made in the USA.

  Some companies are US owned but manufacture in their       offshore facilities.
  Offshoring is not cheaper. "Local" reduces the TOTAL cost     of ownership.
  At TMI our material is procured domestically and our       components are fabricated here in the USA.
  A reliable supplier providing our customers with quality parts   at a competitive price.

  Let us build it together in the USA!